"I think Danny has a lot of love for her that he kinds of hides or bottles up. I think he thinks she’s a great doctor, and he finds her funny at times and amusing but he is also annoyed with her and her lifestyle choices are ridiculous or annoying to him…I think it’s been a fun dynamic to explore that kind of love/hate thing. That Sam and Diane, or Moonlighting, Bruce Willis Cybill Shepard. Or I keep thinking about Star Wars and Hans Solo and Princess Leia. I’m not quite sure where we’ll go but there is something there.” (x)

"I definitely enjoy them being friends. I like over the first season they grew into these buddies. And I don’t know what’s best for the show, some days I think it would be fun to see them as a married couple bickering and having to work together kind of like a Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn type of thing and sometimes I think it would be nice if they continued on this kind of Harry Met Sally friendship and they keep helping each other out and helping each other out, then disagreeing and disagreeing and helping each other out." (x)

"I think whatever is best for the storyline and I think those are two different shows. It’s up to the writers what show they want to make: there’s one show where we become a couple and that’s a different show, or an on/off thing and that’s a different show, and there’s these best friends that you’re always saying ‘they should be together„ they should be together, they should be together’ as we help each other find love, that’s a different show. (x)

As the season was going on, I certainly was getting responses from people I knew or just random people on the street. There’s a handful of people who wanted us to be friends and a handful of people that want us to get married or whatever. All the while, they kept bonding and getting closer. Having the two characters not hate each other is just more fun to watch. I think, for some reason, Mindy Kaling and I have a nice rapport. So I think it will be interesting to see what they do with that for the second season. I don’t have a feeling either way of whether these characters should be together or not. I think there’s a version of this show where these two characters are married and bickering and fighting and also totally in love with each other. And there’s a show where they’re best friends and constantly trying to get each other to straighten up, a When Harry Met Sally type of thing.” (x)


The various instances where Chris Messina talks about Mindy and Danny, alludes to onscreen romantic couples, and subtly references in some form or another the inevitability of their romantic relationship, September 2012 to present.


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